Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Livor Mortis Pattern

My husband is a pathologist. I was reading something from his medical books ( I think everything is interesting, maybe even tax laws if I talk to the right person). Sometimes i came across some medical terms I just couldn't figure out, and asked my husband: "What is Livor Mortis Pattern?" A bit distracted he looked up from his own book and answered unpatiently:"hey, you KNOW I don't know anything about knitting patterns!" I tried again, "I said LIVOR MORTIS PATTERN! This is YOUR profession, not mine!" A bit ashamed and actually blushing he aaaaaahed and explained that it is a colouration made from accumulation of blood in a dead person according to how the person is laying when he or she dies.
It will be red/black/blueish or white areas where the blood concentrate or not.
Inspired by this I just HAD TO make a quick sketch in my black book for a Livor Mortis Pullover. Now... what yarn would suit this....? Maybe I can sell some at next Pathologist Convention?


Strikkelise said...

Nå har jeg lært noe i dag også. Hilsen "også en nerd"

P.S. Dropp den genseren. :)

Theresa said...

*shakes head "no, no, no"*

Jeg er 100% med strikkelise. ;-)

sipusa said...

Hahaha, nei jeg er helt uenig, strikke den genseren!! Hvis du finner ut hvor masse du trenger av hver farge kan du håndfarge garn og få med overgangene pent også, eller evt strikke deler av den med dobbel tråd;-D

Go for it girl!!!

Og dessuten: noen gensere kan strikkes sidelengs også?? Jeg mener: det er ikke alle som dør stående...?;-)

Mmmarianne said...


Fasineres av kreativiteten din! Hva synes patologen? Kanskje det ville blitt en storslager på avdelingen?