Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finishing things pt 12

The Haven scarf from Kim Hargreaves book is finished and already a favorite. I switched the recommended yarn with a silk/merino/alpaca-mix which is both warm and wonderful to wear. (The real colour of the scarf is the darker version.)

I will make this again, in different sizes and different yarn weights.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finishing things pt 11

The march knitalong socks are finished. I still don't manage to like them. But maybe I can find somebody who does who wants to adopt them. What I did like though is how it turned out with stripes in three colours.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finishing things pt 10

A beautiful Kim Hargreaves bolero, made in Rowan's Big Wool. It fits wonderfully.

I didn't like knitting with the Big Wool though. 12 mm needles felt like knitting with timber, and I am used to toothpick sized needles. The fabric is soft and warm, but so thick it makes your breasts look a size or two bigger.
Anyway, I know already this is a jacket I am going to use often. I already plan to make another one, same measurements, but a thinner yarn.

Another Hargreaves project these days is a lace scarf in a merino/silk/alpaca-mix yarn.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Death of the Yellow March Sock

ok. I love the yarn. The cotton sock yarn and the funny colour made me really look forward to knit this month's "Sockalong" sock. Until I was given the pattern. Only some centimeters ahead I started to hate the whole thing. Maybe i didn't like the pattern? Or the combination of the pattern and the yarn? But i told myself to give it another try, sometimes the project will surprise you at the end. After 15 centimeters and a heel, i gave up. I have frogged it several times to see if it would help with thinner needles, thicker needles, metal needles, circular needles, bamboo needles, tighter knitting, looser knitting, become more broadminded, more tolerant... nothing helped. Rest in peace, yellow sock, you will not be walking anywhere.

So I started to experiment to find a way to use the pattern (which looked lovely in all other peoples works than mine) in a more appealing way to me.

After some experimenting, I am now making it this way. A white sock with green and blue circles. With a bit chunkier yarn and thinner needles then recommended. I am still not really comfortable with these socks, and struggle with my more or less unnessecary use of three colours, but I am done frogging this sock.

Mønsteret strikkes sånn:
Legg opp 64 masker (2,5-pinne-størrelsegarn) eller 56 masker (pinne 3)
Rekke 1-3 strikk vrangt
Rekke 4-10 *Strikk 3, plukk av to masker (som om du skal strikke vrangmaske, men med tråden bak arbeidet), strikk 3* gjenta. Se på bildet over, du skal ha seks strikkede og to opp-plukkete masker)
Rekke11-13 strikk vrangt
Rekke 14 til 20 Plukk av en maske, *strikk 6, plukk av 2* strikk til det er en maske igjen, plukk 1 maske av.
Strikk til du har så lang sokk du vil ha, slutt av med tre rekker vrangt.
Så strikker du hel og fot og tå. Originaloppskriften har forsterket hel.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Livor Mortis Pattern

My husband is a pathologist. I was reading something from his medical books ( I think everything is interesting, maybe even tax laws if I talk to the right person). Sometimes i came across some medical terms I just couldn't figure out, and asked my husband: "What is Livor Mortis Pattern?" A bit distracted he looked up from his own book and answered unpatiently:"hey, you KNOW I don't know anything about knitting patterns!" I tried again, "I said LIVOR MORTIS PATTERN! This is YOUR profession, not mine!" A bit ashamed and actually blushing he aaaaaahed and explained that it is a colouration made from accumulation of blood in a dead person according to how the person is laying when he or she dies.
It will be red/black/blueish or white areas where the blood concentrate or not.
Inspired by this I just HAD TO make a quick sketch in my black book for a Livor Mortis Pullover. Now... what yarn would suit this....? Maybe I can sell some at next Pathologist Convention?

Finishing things, pt 9

Black cable pullover, nicely fitted version of a box-pullover design from Kim Hargreaves, friendly soft merino wool, and i hate moss stitch for a while.

Weird yellow March

I thought yellow would brighten up the March days, but realized I came home with colours more caramel than yellow. And the sock yarn colour is a weird yellow-ish cotton-mix I never tried before, and have a nice and different sqeeze feeling. The first sock is casted on and ready to come with me to work, the other yarn, I have no idea what to do with it. Or too many ideas. The right project will come along eventually.